What is a buyer persona and How to create it? – Free template included

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Every business activity in this world is driven by a customer profile in mind. The more concrete customer profile is, the better it will be for any business. This ideal imaginary profile of your customer is called a buyer persona in marketing terms. 

A buyer persona or marketing persona is a fictional character with the qualities of your ideal customer. It contains your ideal customer preferences, interests and so on. A persona guides you in your marketing activities, sales, product design or services. It is a critical pillar of your business activities. 

A buyer persona consists of similar qualities from a similar group of people. Creating this will help us target personalised messages to them. Usually, a business will have more than a single group of people as an ideal audience, so we create more personas, each representing a group. So, every time you make a business decision or marketing activity, these personas will drive you in the right direction of your customers. 

How does a buyer persona help a business/marketing activity?

To share the news with your family or coworkers or friends, you will use different words, different tools (WhatsApp, email, call) at different times. That is a basic personalisation. If you send an offer to one of your audience, who are looking to buy your product (or one of your competitors), it is a good level of personalisation, that you customer actually enjoys!

A well-crafted buyer persona helps you in personalising marketing activity. It helps you create the right content, delivered at the right place and at the right time that matches your potential customer expectations. 

According to salesforce, 76% of consumers expect companies to expect their needs and expectations. And 56% of them expect tailored offers based on past interactions.

Also, Buyer persona gives you the direction throughout your business activity.  You often tend to choose the good products over products that actually help your customers solve their problems. This helps you prevent such mistakes. 

So, imagine your persona is a real person. You exactly know whom you are writing to, talking to and creating products for. 

You know exactly what their pain points are, how to address them and how your brand/product can help relieve such pain points of your customers. This makes greater sense, marketing to someone that you know rather than a generalised marketing activity that you never know whom you will reach. 

Every time you make a product, make changes to a product, keep your persona in mind and understand what offering could actually help them and provide a better experience. Also, personalised messages and product offerings help develop a greater bond and trust with your customers. 

Okay, now you wonder how to create this marketing/buyer persona ?

How to create a buyer persona ?

The first thing you need to get rid of when creating a buyer persona is assuming who can be your customers. This is as dangerous as having no buyer persona. Rather, compile a simple persona, based on data of already existing customers might do it for you in the beginning.

Here are some steps that could help you get some valuable data so that you compile a great persona.

  • Look for the similarities and traits between your already existing customers. These will help you target similar customers outside of your customer pool. 
  • If you have a website, great. Ask for important information that differentiates your customers. For example, if your personas vary greatly in age group, ask about that!
  • You will have a lot of information coming from your social media channels, email marketing campaigns, or through advertising. Nowadays, most of these channels provide great information about your audience and potential customers.
  • If you don’t have a website or not running email marketing campaigns, don’t worry. We will still have some ways. Ask for surveys to be filled by your customers. Provide them with some incentive like a discount on your products, a gift card or something that propels them to give away some info. 
  • Become a copycat for a moment. Have a look at your competition. What kind of people is interacting with their posts, whom they are targeting etc? But be a smart copycat. Compare the similarities between your business and copy only the info that makes sense. 
  • Also, after certain marketing activities,  you will gain more data. Make sure you reflect from the new data on your persona. This will solidify the buyer persona.

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