Promote your small businesses through prompted pins on Google maps for free

Published by Tharun kongara on

The world is suffering from a pandemic and small businesses are suffering the most. Small businesses are one of the biggest assets to any economy and local communities – their suffering is no good for us all.

However, they are slowly opening up and trying to recover. So, Google made a move to help these businesses. It is rolling out a new feature called promoted pins on google maps – which helps businesses stand out in Maps by highlighting specific services and unique offerings such as pickup, delivery, curbside pickup, and more. It is displaying a prominent square-shaped pin.

Over 1 billion people use Google maps feature for local search queries and it is a good opportunity for small businesses to utilise this.

Earlier you can run prompted ads on Google, that showcase pin with a different colour as opposed to other ones of the same category. For example, if you search for a restaurant in a specific area – the restaurant’s pins are shown in orange and the restaurant’s pin that is showing ad is shown in blue-violet.

Google Ads is rolling out this Prompted pins feature in the coming weeks. Small businesses need to have a Google my business profile in order to benefit from this free advertising.


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