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I will put up my best efforts to keep all websites simple, yet complete. Expert advice greatly values visual communication and I make sure your customer has an easy and enjoyable experience

What is

Two page website

Simple solution for starters to quickly having their information online. They contain a home page with necessary information and a mandatory page for privacy and cookie policy.

two page site

Ideal for

Provide introduction to business info, services, contact info online

Quick and cheap solution

Professionals showcasing portfolio

Adding a credibility to your business

Not for

Having elaborate information

Business offering many services

Payments through website

Building strong online presence

What is

Pro Business website

A robust solution for business to build their online presence and provide extensive information about their services. It will have many pages, each built with a specific goal.

Ideal for

Developing online presence and have many services to offer

Appear in local search results

Utilising as a centre for marketing activities

Not for

Selling products online 

Listing product catalogue

What is

Online store

If you are looking to to sell your products online, this will be a perfect solution for you

Ideal for

Listing extensive product catalogue with all their details

Selling your products online and provide home delivery

Not ideal

If you are looking for a cheap solution

Custom solution

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