How to modify your sales strategy post-pandemic?

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I’m in no way saying that the pandemic is about to end – but we, the small businesses need to find a way to sell, work, and survive – it may be pre or post-pandemic.

Many of us are already adjusted to the “new normal”, but how much do we know about the situation of our businesses from now?? Can we manage to find small clues that help us to be prepared?

It is so difficult to predict the future of our businesses (our dreams). But hey, here are 5 tips to help you understand and improve your sales, post-pandemic!

  1. Data has been the centre of business decisions in this decade and what better area to start our process. Collect and analyze the sales data after the pandemic and compare it with before – this should give you some indications regarding the products that sell more or the entities that make more business.
  2. Revamp your product or service offering and make them future proof – There might be certain products that completely fit online space and few products that need certain changes to make them present on the internet. Also, create new projects or new revenue streams if possible with future proof channels.
  3. Analyze your online presence – Every physical asset of businesses are affected in one way or the other. But, most of the digital entities or assets started to grow (a simple example – grocery delivery companies). Many people fear the normalcy that existed before the pandemic is not going to return but the new normalcy might take shape. In such a case, your business’s online presence becomes your biggest asset. So, for now – take your time to assess your strengths in digital space.
  4. Improve your online presence – As we discussed just above, you need to find a way to move certain entities of your business from offline space to online. Improving your social media presence, having a website, partnering with a delivery service, and many more – you got to find a way to be in your customer mobile devices!
  5. Understand your customer’s concerns and address them – The concerns over safety have been a major issue but this pandemic has bought many concerns with it into people’s minds. Find them and address them. Assure your customers – that it is safe buying from you. Social media can be a great place to understand such concerns – I’ve seen businesses asking questions explicitly on Facebook groups to understand them. 

Create a plan by doing enough research. The goal is to think long-term!

Are you a small business owner? what changes did you make to adapt to the current situation? let me know in comments!


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