25 most important customer feedback questions that small businesses need to ask

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Do you ever wonder, when someone says you are their favourite coffee shop – the best gym in the city or even the best supplier they had with great prices and quality – that feels great.

It is a proud moment when you hear positive feedback on the business that you have your life connected to. But, on the contrary – you should be happier when you hear feedback that you don’t like. Yes, that’s true!

Feedback is really useful to you when it is supposed to help you improve certain aspects of your business. And most of us aren’t ready to hear every feedback and of course, even the customer isn’t ready to give such info easily. 

Asking the right questions and getting the answers you intend to- form a customer is no easy task. You should be careful on so many issues – not asking intruding questions, customers shouldn’t be frustrated, but still, you should get your answers.

Well, we can’t represent you and ask your customers (those services are not yet available), but we can help you get ready on what to ask and what are the right questions?

The right questions to ask obviously changes based on context

When are you asking this customer feedback questions? 

If you are asking questions right after your service or delivering your product – Your questions should be more focused on that particular point. Your questions should address the issues “is the customer satisfied, is the execution of service/delivery perfect? did you meet their expectations? “

But if you are asking in a general scenario to a long term customer or even a customer that matches your buyer persona – Then your questions can be deeper. Your questions should address “ what are the pain points of the customer ? how are you solving them? Up to what level you are solving them? What can be improved? What are customer expectations ? can you create another product to address a new issue “ like these!

whom you are asking? 

If you are getting the customer feedback from someone who is excited about your product – a fan of your product – Such customers will not be easily frustrated and you can ask many questions.

But if the customer is someone new – you should ask the questions selectively and that shouldn’t seem odd. 

Channel you are using (social media, google forms, direct, email)

The marketing strategy, tone and even the conversations change, based on the channel we are communicating to customers, so are the tone and style we ask the questions.

If you are asking questions directly, based on customer reaction and response – you can alter your questions. They can be open-ended. 

But when you ask for a feedback poll on social media – the questions should be simple, easy to answer – may or may not be open-ended and still friendly. 

Through email? – The questions should be easy to answer – mostly multiple-choice, the conversation tone should sound like asking – yet professional. 

What is their incentive to answer?

Often, there will be a threshold level for customers when you are asking questions before they start to get frustrated. You can increase this level using an incentive. 

The stronger the incentive, the valuable it is for the customer – The more you can increase this level. 

The value of such customer feedback is so much – that you are ready to offer something in return. 

Based on the context and your goal your questions should be tuned to your business needs. 

Here are a few questions to help you with some ideas of what to ask. I avoided questions that are in different forms to save your time, so please do adapt to your needs.

If you need to know how questions can be framed to get more info – Here is 100+ customer feedback questions – You can custom pick them from a big pool.

To improve your customer experience/better serve the needs

These days the differentiation between products/services are getting dimmer. In such situations, customer experience is what makes a big difference and the potential points to attract specific customers. So you need to understand how it feels from your customer standpoint – the customer experience. The basic questions to ask.

  1. If you were the owner of this business, what would you change?
  2. What drives you to our business, buy our product/service?
  3. Did our solution meet your expectations?
  4. What do you best like about this product/service?
  5. What you don’t like about this product/service?
  6. What are the main pain points that your product/service is solving?

To improve or develop new products

When your business is on the rise, you have to create new products, improve current offerings to create new revenue streams and expand your serving range. When you understand the problems that your current customer’s pain points, it is easy for you to create a new product/service that performs better.

  1. What are the product features or services that you are missing?
  2. What are the other pain points that your customer is yet to find a solution?
  3. What is the price that you are willing to spend on the solution?
  4. How big of a pain point it is and how quickly he needs a solution?
  5. Are there any other products that can potentially solve your customer pain points – and you don’t have such a product?
  6. What are the main features that a dream solution to your customer has?
  7. If your competitor has a product that solves customer pain points – Why didn’t you opt for it? What is missing in them?
  8. How can you describe an ideal solution in 3 words?

To know your strengths 

You need to know your strengths to further enhance your offerings. It also helps you find the key points to promote your business and you are more likely to deliver on the promises you made through marketing.

  1. What are the main reasons you choose us over competitors?
  2. If you have to choose one of the competitors, whom will you choose and why?
  3. How long have you been my customer and what made you stick to us?
  4. What difference that our product/service made?
  5. If you stop your products/services, what did your customer miss the most?

To know how easy is for the customer to find and purchase from you 

Even though your product/service is the best in the market, you should be easily found in the market to your potential customer. Your marketing and promotional efforts aid you in achieving this. But, you never know, how you are found from your customer standpoint – unless you ask them.

  1. How did you find us?
  2. How easy is it to purchase from us?
  3. Can you easily find what you are looking for? 
  4. What is more frustrating about purchasing from us?
  5. What is the most important stage for you in the purchasing process?
  6. What is the main aspect of a product that makes the most different (product, price, feature, experience, finding it easily etc)?

These are the most important questions that you need to ask. Based on your requirements the questions should be modified. Remember, for the questions that are difficult to answer – give them multiple choice. You can also ask open-ended questions as they give new perspectives from customer minds. 


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